Amplify Us

Our team is participating in Amplify Austin, the biggest giving day in Central Texas. 

In this 24 hour period, your donation is amplified with matches from sponsors and incentives through I Live Here I Give Here. Any amount helps.  Please consider helping us provide applied science, field research, STEM networking to local youth.

Our young scientists spend many hours studying topics like Disease Detectives, Ornithology, Boomilever, etc. They know that COVID-19 is believed to be an example of zoonosis. They can identify dozens birds or fossils on sight. They build amazing machines that seems so delicate but are so strong.

It’s a big investment for our families to travel to each statewide competition, buy the needed supplies, and pay dues. That does not even take into account the chemistry sets, safety equipment, and coaches training materials funded by the general team. (Our goggles are well used, and chemistry sets have many years of use.)

It’s all worth it when we see our children blossom into future scientists. Yes, the teams have an impressive track record of acceptance into prestigious science university programs, or consistently qualifying for the Texas State Science Olympiad completion. (Since we are fundraising, we do need to do a bit bragging.)

What makes our team special however, is that our kids are not the typical
‘successful public school science academic honors superstar”. We are an inclusive community that has students with special needs who receive accommodations for testing during the events. Since we are a smaller team everyone’s effort matters. Our students routinely go outside of their comfort zone by training for numerous events throughout the season. We have had some kids “walk” into events and place in “the top 5”for event rankings, because they were passionate about a topic and or excited to just learn about it.

These future scientists are not driven by scores, or tests. They have passion for all things science and have found a supportive and inclusive community to nurture their entry into the STEM world. Please help on their educational journey.

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