High School grades 9-12


What we do

Our high school team is self-run, promoting students to exercise leadership roles in elected positions.  Positions include: Team Captain, Captain’s Committee, Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach, and more.

The team prepares for Science Olympiad throughout the year. Students are expected to work with partners outside weekly meetings, and are provided guidance and tutoring by parent coaches and Science Olympiad mentors (services free of charge.)

Besides prepping for Science Olympiad, we’re active in various science-related activities as a team. These include student presentations and event demonstrations, hosting guest speakers from scientific professions, and going on field trips. Like a sports team, social get-togethers are common and have included trips to Barton Springs, bowling excursions, and Game Nights.

More reasons to join

Need more reason to join? Benefits include:

  • a glorious transcript
  • improved scholarship potential
  • internships and other opportunities in the field of science
  • better understanding of science careers
  • enhanced student government skills
  • increased confidence
  • public speaking and presentation practice
  • impressive knowledge of science-related factoids
  • increased feelings of competence in science and math
  • a tight-knit supportive community of friends.

Do I qualify as a homeschooler if … ?

To be considered homeschooled you must not be enrolled full-time anywhere or at a charter, private, or online school. We have high school team members who take classes part-time at local institutions and online, including ACC, REACH, One Day, and Coursera.