A Homeschool Science Team

Check out our offerings for the 2020-2021 season. All of our programs are in line with safety recommendations for the pandemic.

Costa Rica Summer Field Research (High School only)

Our 2021 trip is currently ON and is set for June 20-30. We ARE recruiting to add members for the 2021 trip. Students will spend 10 days doing field research both in the rainforest and on the coast, specifically with leaf cutter ants and their antibiotic potential.

HS and MS Students

We have competitive and noncompetitive offerings for middle and high school students.

Elementary grades 3-5Elementary Scientists

Join us each Monday to for hands-on science. We explore topics ranging from Anatomy to Water Quality and everything in between. This is NOT a drop-off program.


  • Qualified for state every year since we formed in 2014
  • Placed in top 10 at state every year, with students regularly medaling in their events
  • 2020 A&M Invitational: scored top 5

“My favorite events is Ping Pong Parachute because our team gets better at it each time. First we got disqualified (for hitting the ceiling), then we got 12th place and then we got 4th.”

A Competitive Team member

What is Science Olympiad?

Some think of Science Olympiad as the nerd Olympics.