Volunteer Roles

CTST is a volunteer lead organization. We have various volunteer positions available suited to parents’ diverse abilities and schedules. Each parent is required to find at least one job they can do to help contribute to the smooth running of the team. Positions range from technical coaches to website development, sponsorship and fundraising, and snacks. Although the high school team parents don’t stay for meetings, they are expected to  help proctor events at invitationals and serve as mentors and coaches to their own students.

On the middle school team, parents stay at weekly meetings to mentor, coach, and help students with project (and time) management. Parents are not expected to be experts in the events; rather, we facilitate the gathering and prepare information.

We have category coaches (build, lab, and study) and subject coaches (Life, Personal, & Social science; Earth & Space science; Physical science & Chemistry; Technology & Engineering; Inquiry & Nature of Science). These coaches conduct interactive training, communicating with each student and one another to provide guidance and support as the students prepare.