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Science Olympiad is a team competition fostering and requiring teamwork, group planning, and cooperation. We emphasize learning, participation, interaction, having fun, and developing team spirit.

If you are thinking about joining us, the best way to begin is to complete this information form and plan on attending one of our weekly meetings. Our first official meeting will be September 10, 2018. Once you complete the form, you will be notified about that first meeting and more.

This might be the team for you if you are also interested in fulfilling our mission:

  • To create a passion for learning science with an emphasis on teamwork and a commitment to excellence.
  • To bring science to life, to show how science works, to emphasize problem solving and hands-on, minds-on constructivist learning practices of science and the understanding of science concepts.
  • To develop teamwork and cooperative learning strategies among students.
  • To make science education more exciting so more students will enroll in science courses and engage in other science activities like science reading, fairs, meetings and field trips.
  • To promote high levels of achievement and a commitment to excellence, to demonstrate that American students can perform at levels that surpass expectations of even practicing scientists and engineers.
  • To attract more students, particularly females and minorities, to professional and technical careers in science, technology and science teaching.

If you have questions, contact us and ask away!

Benefits of joining us include:

  • Hands-on science experience
  • Learning about new discoveries and fields
  • Public speaking and presentation practice
  • Improved college scholarship potential
  • Internships and other opportunities in the field of science
  • A better understanding of science careers
  • A tight-knit supportive community of friends.

We typically form an A team and a B team for the middle school age students and a single A team for high school age students. Each team is made of 15 students. In general, we look for the best and brightest. We value intelligence, hard work, attention to detail, teamwork, leadership and creative thinkers.

The CTST coaching team is comprised of parents, educators, other community members, and former team members who lend their expertise to various events.

Science Olympiad is a big schedule commitment. Once on the team, students can expect to practice several times per week. After winter break the schedule intensifies and student schedules vary depending on their events. Competitions are held over weekends around Texas and all team members (and at least one of their parents in most cases, especially for the middle school team) are expected to attend. This is a team and like a sports team, teammates need to plan for practice and bring their top game to compete.

Throughout the year, each student may be building, preparing, and/or studying for as many as 4 or 5 events. On competition day each event spans a specific one-hour period, where 2 or 3 team members work jointly for a team score.

2018-2019 Competitions

University of Texas Austin Invitational
Invitational #2
Invitational #3

October 27, 2018
Late Feb – early March, location TBD
May 3-4, 2019 Texas A&M, College Station
May 31-June 1, 2019 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York