Open House April 30 2018

On Monday April 30 2018 we’ll host a hands-on open house for families interested in learning more about the Central Texas Science Team.

Location: VFW Oak Hill, 7614 Thomas Springs Rd., Austin TX
For elementary, middle, and high school-age students interested in Science Olympiad, and high school students interested in next year’s Costa Rica trip.

Central Texas Science Team offers:

* noncompetitive elementary science club
* competitive middle and high school Science Olympiad teams
* annual summer field research in Costa Rica (studying antibiotic potentials from leaf-cutter ants)

We have even more science opportunities planned for next year!

Our elementary club’s science projects this year involved: anatomy, aerodynamics, circuitry, thermodynamics, metric mastery, pond ecology, rocks & minerals, and science pentathlon.

For our middle and high school teams, our mission is to be a competitive team while fostering our students’ enthusiasm for science. Science Olympiad empowers students to BE scientists and DO science even before getting to college – in 28 different events ranging from biology, engineering, natural sciences, conservation, physics, chemistry, to technology and also spanning study, lab, and build events.

Here’s a neat article about Science Olympiad

If this sounds interesting to you, come check us out!

Your students can do some experiment labs, check out our build items, and explore some other hands-on science.


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