High School Offerings

We offer competitive and noncompetitive areas of involvement  for high school aged students.

High School competitive science offerings:
  • Science Olympiad:  www.soinc.org.  We will continue to participate in Science Olympiad.  All competitions are virtual at least for the fall season.  Our team, though small, has qualified for the state competition every year since we formed.  More than 200 schools in each division (middle and high school) strive to qualify for state and most are large well-funded teams many times the size of our team.  Despite our small size, we have performed very well at the state competition, ranking in the top 10 as a team, and our students regularly medal in their events.  We are proud to have helped empower dozens of students to become confident as scientists; through Olympiad, which is based on applied science, they do become scientists.    Students participating in our Science Olympiad program must live in either Hays or Travis counties and be homeschooled, per Olympiad national rules.  Students taking classes at Reach or ACC are still considered homeschooled.
  • Genius Olympiad:  https://geniusolympiad.org/.  GENIUS Olympiad is an international high school project competition about environmental issues and competitors are not limited to science in their entries. It is founded and organized by Terra Science and Education and hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology. GENIUS Olympiad will host projects in five general disciplines with an environmental focus:  writing, science, robotics, business, art, short film, music.  Genius Olympiad is structured like a science fair, with an application period through winter and one competition submission in the spring.
  • Other science competitions:  as our students identify and enter individual competitions, we will provide networking and mentoring.  Some of these other competitions include https://www.societyforscience.org/regeneron-sts/https://www.competitionsciences.org/competitions/google-science-fair/, Biology Olympiad, CodeWars, USA Computing Olympiad.
High School NON competitive offerings:
  • Block classes and workshops based on Science Olympiad related events:   Would you like to learn to build a hovercraft, glider plane, a thermodynamic device?  Would you like to learn forensics and do real forensic experiments?  We’ve gathered our own parents and student scientists as well as fellow Olympiad coaches around the country to teach these sessions.  You’ll benefit from expertise in a good number of events, and can use this for both developing comprehensive experience in your subject of interest and also for helping you prepare for competitions.  Some of the events being taught as classes in our group are:  Scratch, forensics, earth science, ecology, and select “build” event such as marble run and Naked Egg Drop.  These are set up as online classes, with assignments and grades.  These are not official Science Olympiad sponsored classes, but are related to Science Olympiad topics.
  • Costa Rica Summer Field Research:  We are the Texas extension of this program originated by Seeds of Change.  Each summer, we take a group of 16 students to participate in rainforest field research, specifically in leaf cutter ant research and tropical field research.  We do this field research at La Anita Rainforest Ranch, guided by scientists who are world leaders in this field of study.  This is the only field research of its kind in the US. This is for high school aged students in school, alternative school, or homeschooled.  The 2021 trip dates are June 20-30.
  • Entrepreneur / Maker / Tinkerer / Innovater:  CTST has always had a goal of offering space / mentoring to DIYers, explorers, tinkerers.  We fulfilled this for several years by having a booth at the Austin Maker Faire.  Specific plans for this branch are evolving but we are moving forward with intent to offer this branch of science exploration this year.
  • Networking and guest speakers:  We have a calendar of speakers, through Zoom in the fall and hopefully in person in the spring.  We particularly want to connect our high school students with STEM professionals in their fields of interest.
Am I homeschooled if…

Do you take classes part-time at an institution or online, and wonder if that means you can’t participate on this team? We have students who attend ACC, REACH, One Day, Coursera, and more. To be considered homeschooled you must not be enrolled full-time anywhere or at a charter or private school or online school, yet you can be enrolled part-time.